The Partners in Wellbeing Helpline

As part of the Victorian Government’s $26 million Wellbeing and Mental Health Support program for small businesses, the Partners in Wellbeing Helpline is there to support you and your employees. The Helpline offers free and confidential one-on-one access to 0wellbeing and mental health coaches who understand exactly what you’re going through. They have the skills and insights to improve your sense of wellbeing, help you develop coping strategies, and provide the advice and support you need to get through this difficult time.

Free financial counselling and advice.
Since much of the stress you are experiencing may involve financial issues, the Partners in Wellbeing Helpline can also connect you to specialist financial counsellors. This service is also free, providing access to financial experts who can provide business and personal advice, along with information and support on how to manage debt and other financial concerns. Three leading wellbeing agencies working together. Partners in Wellbeing is a partnership of three community-based counselling organisations that have brought together their individual skills to deliver a comprehensive support service tailored to your needs.

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