LRS Commercialisation

Dear Member,

On the 5th July the ISV gave evidence before the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Proposed Long Term Lease of Land Titles and Registry Functions of Land Use Victoria.

We took the opportunity to continue to voice our concerns about the proposed commercialisation with reference to the inquiry’s terms of reference. We also called for the development of effective and robust mechanisms to be built into the performance requirements of the commercialised system to ensure that both our unresolved concerns are met and public confidence in the land titles system is maintained. We proposed that these mechanisms needed to provide for a system of accountable and verified reporting to be provided to the Parliament annually, which incorporates both historical and projected:

· Costs and cost variances, for existing services provided by the new operator; · Performance, against targets for timeliness of services provided; · Level of complaints and disputation;
· Efficiency and effectiveness of dispute resolution procedures; and · Human Resources measures including: level of skills and training maintained by staff, employee satisfaction, administration/cost ratio.

A copy of the transcript, visual presentation and ISV’s written submission can be found attached and at the following link (

Thank you to those members who provided feedback and ideas via the on-line survey. The strength of the ISV is its broad and diverse membership, and your feedback and input on all matters is greatly appreciated.

Tom Champion