Kellie Dean – First Woman ISV President

The Institution of Surveyors Victoria (ISV) is pleased to announce that Kellie Dean has been appointed the President-Elect of the Institution of Surveyors Victoria.

The ISV is the peak professional association for land surveyors in Victoria. Since its inception in 1874, ISV has had a long and proud history, and to this day lives by its mission statement: “To promote professional development to our members throughout their professional lives, and promote and represent the surveying profession to the wider community, and at all levels of government”.

In the ISV’s 143-year history, Kellie is the first woman to be elected to this role, which will open an exciting new chapter for ISV and the broader surveying industry.

Since graduating from The University of Melbourne in 2001 with two bachelor’s degrees – a Bachelor of Geomatic Engineering and a Bachelor of Science (Environment) – Kellie has had an illustrious career in both the surveying and the property industries.

In 2004, she became only the seventh woman in Victoria to receive her surveyor’s license. She was also the winner of the Best Training Agreement Award.

Over the past 15 years, she has held senior positions at surveying and multi-disciplinary consultancies. Currently, she leads the surveying business in Spiire’s Melbourne office which sees her focused on developing her team to be industry leaders.

Kellie has been a keen participant and contributor to the ISV and the wider surveying community since her early days in the profession. With others, she established the Women in Surveying Group which helps to support women in this historically male-dominated industry.

She has been a keen advocate of the surveying profession on behalf of the Surveying Task Force and has presented at career events and secondary schools. Kellie has also been a guest lecturer at RMIT and the University of Melbourne.

Kellie has a strong interest in promoting diversity and inclusion in the surveying profession, increasing member engagement within the ISV, and collaborating more with kindred professional bodies and stakeholders. She intends to focus on these areas and more when she takes on her new role.

Kellie is currently in the role of President-Elect at the ISV. Her role as President will come into full effect in October 2018.