Origins of ISV

The following is an excerpt from the first page of "The Transactions and Proceedings of the Victorian Institute of Surveyors, Volume 1, 1874-1880".

"During the year 1874, several informal discussions took place in reference to the desirability of establishing an Association of Surveyors, the objects of which, inter alia, would be to secure uniformity of practice amongst surveyors; to provide a competent and sufficient authority to pronounce the opinions of the whole profession upon the conduct of any of its members, and upon any matters touching the general interests or well-being of the profession; to provide means for the discussion of general questions, with a view to mutual improvement; and to promote the cultivation of friendly intercourse amongst surveyors."

The advantages likely to accrue from such an institution having been generally admitted, a few prominent members of the profession took upon themselves the responsibility of convening a meeting in Melbourne for the further consideration of the subject.

Circular invitations were addressed to the principal officers of the Lands and Mining Departments, to the authorised Land and Mining Surveyors practising in the Colony, and to the leading members of the various branches of the profession; and these were responded to by about fifty gentlemen, fairly representative of the various interests affected.

At this meeting, which was held at Hockin's Hotel, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, on April 7th, 1874, resolutions were adopted fully justifying the action taken by the promoters of the movement, a code of rules and by-laws was adopted ad interim, and officers for the year were appointed. The office of President (having been declined by Mr.A.J.Skene, Surveyor-General, on account of pressure of official duties) was conferred on Mr.R.L.J.Ellery, F.R.S., F.R.A.S., Government Astronomer, and Chief of the Geodetic Survey Staff, and that of Vice-President on Major Thomas Couchrnan, Chief Mining Surveyor. A Treasurer and six members of Council were also elected from among the gentlemen present at the meeting.

During the first six months of the existence of the Society, forty-five members were admitted and enrolled, and it was then deemed that the future success of the Institute might be looked on as fairly assured.

Our Name

The name of The Institution was originally The Victorian Institute of Surveyors vide the Memorandum registered with the Registrar of Companies, dated 8 October 1895.

By an extraordinary resolution at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 19 December 1952, the name of the society was changed to The Institution of Surveyors, Australia, Melbourne Division.

Again, by an extraordinary resolution at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 17 April 1959, the name was changed to The Institution of Surveyors Victoria. This was done to ensure no conflict with Victorian legislation.

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