The Crest of The Institution

The official Crest of the Institution was originally registered by The Institution of Surveyors NSW Inc in 1924. The Crest was adopted by The Institution of Surveyors, Australia when it was formed in 1952.

The insignia of the Crest comprises:

  • The top left quadrant contains the "Crux Ansata" which was the ancient Egyptian symbol for immortality, and the Phoenix, rising from the ashes, a symbol of rejuvenation.
  • The top right quadrant contains the stars of the Southern Cross imposed on the cross of St George, which was the national ensign of England prior to the union with Scotland.
  • The lower left quadrant shows the globe with Australia prominently displayed.
  • The lower right quadrant has a pyramid encircled by an asp or serpent, symbolizing geometry and its ancient origins. The serpent is sometimes taken to mean a key (in Greek), hence the key to geometry.
  • The Greek Motto was taken from the inscription over the portal of Plato's Academy. The literal meaning is "Let no one without skill in geometria enter", the primary meaning of the Greek work geometria being "measurement of earth".

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