Objectives of The Institution of Surveyors Victoria

The Institution of Surveyors Victoria is the peak professional association for land surveyors in Victoria.

The objectives for which The Institution is established are -

  • The advancement and elevation of surveying and civil engineering as professions in Victoria and the cultivation of friendly relations among the members.
  • As a scientific and professional organisation to encourage the study of surveying and to improve and elevate the general and scientific knowledge of persons engaged or intending to engage in the profession of surveying.

Principal Aims of ISV

  • To advance the science of surveying by the improvement of University curricula and by conducting seminars and workshops.
  • To develop surveying as a necessary and respected discipline and to provide liaison with, and awareness of, activities in associated areas.
  • To maintain a high standard of professional ethics, to promote greater public understanding, and to demonstrate a responsible and dignified presence in the community.
  • To improve the professional stature of surveyors by providing a forum for exchange of individual viewpoints and ideas in order that our collective strength and influence can be applied towards matters of mutual interest.
  • To provide a knowledge of employment trends and to improve professional performance.
  • To encourage member participation in survey based activities as well as activities beyond the immediate scope of surveying.

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